Minibus Group was first went online in April 2009, originally created with a focus on the transport scene in Singapore.

Presently the Site Admin is working for a semi-major private railway company. Naturally when we work for an industry, we come across confidential information; it’s the same in every company, every industry, every country. Hence the need to regulate what he posts here. From February 2013, this site will be updated periodically when commitment from work can be freed up. Furthermore, no discussion on local transport scene will be posted neither entertained. The Site Admin appreciates the queries posted over the years to this site and at this juncture, he must take a rest from being hobbyist and commit as a member of the industry.

More information on the Site Admin.

Name: Terence Au
Age: 26 years old
Residence: Singapore
Alma-Mater: Singapore Polytechnic
Professional Certification in:
B (Basic) and C (Advanced) Level Maintenance of Electric Multiple Unit (EMU)
Maintenance of Trainborne CBTC Equipment
EMU Driver Trainer
Present employment: With a Semi-Major Private Railway

General inquiries: