Tips here on how to start your public transport collection. Usage of these tips are dependent on your local area’s law, rules and regulations, postage services and availability.

Where to get bus/transport models?
There are many channels to purchase such models. Amazon and Ebay are some good examples, where first, second or more hand products can be found. The reliability lies in the seller, be sure to check out the seller’s reputations and comments before purchasing.

- Online Shops with Overseas Shipping (English)

The Site Admin have purchased from these stores before, and they deliver with 100% good record and product condition for himself. You are highly recommended to purchase from these shops.

Network Shuttle, ships from Hong Kong, East Asia.

Hattons Railways, ships from United Kingdom, Europe.

How does the Site Admin examine/rate the models?
Each collector has their own methods to rate how positive/negative the model is. The following on is a personal guide from the Site Admin.

Color: Livery/Advertisement finishing. Any chipping of paintwork? Any inaccuracies on the paintwork?

Details: How detailed is the interior cabin, any inaccuracies from the actual vehicle?

Wheels: Are the wheels easy to dislocate from the hubs? Actual size ratio of wheels from the vehicle (Commuter buses have smaller wheels than Coaches per example). Wheels degrade over time with contact on surface (experience tells)?

Play/Display Value: The Site Admin does not play with the bus models, as they are scale models and carry a certain value. However until the day you are to part with it, you will have to display it. If you are lucky, at an exhibition! How much this model will value in your heart, how much would you like to share it with others, this varies from collector to collector. This is also the main deciding factor for the Site Admin before purchasing a model.

How does the Site Admin get to know what models are being released?

Certainly not paparazzi methods, but there are lots of sites that provide such information.

Creative Master Northcord, major bus model manufacturer in Hong Kong.

Oriental Bus Models, UK based site that specializes in bus models from the Orient. Minibus Group has duo-link with this site.

Additional to these two sources, forums are also a good media to search for information and sellers who are willing to let go of their collection. Go on, search for you next model, the Site Admin is sure you will be surprised!