The Site Admin have been occupied with work for the past four months, and will be for as long as the future (of Earth) holds. At a certain time, you need to walk away (a little bit) to take a breath of fresh air.


The air here ain’t very good, but its a quiet place, probably the quietest for a Convention Centre here in Singapore. Resorts World Sentosa is located on Sentosa Island, just a 3-minute drive from Mainland Singapore. You can choose to access the island via road (there are bus services, or you could on a taxi or own wheels or even walk across the Sentosa Gateway), rail (the Sentosa Express) or air (cable car). Please, don’t try to swim across. Map.




Deep inside the Convention Centre are two lobbies with a cylindrical top-down view. Try not to put your figurines to the edge, unless you have someone to catch it for you two floors down. In the morning hours (around 9 am) there are few visitors along its corridors so you can have a little space to yourself, but do be reminded this is private property, don’t make a ruckus, don’t attempt to connect your Pads to the wall plugs and don’t vandalize the area (yes people do). If security personnel comes along and ask for you to leave, you have to.


The Site Admin brought along figma 178 ‘Asuna’/アスナ, from Sword Art Online (Aincrad Arc). Looking around the Centre, several structures resemble designs found in RPG games; it just takes a little imagination.


A little sunlight from the sky-windows above lit up the special effect parts from her sword ‘Lambient Light’/ランベントライト.


Not very pleased..


Proceeding two floors down, one can look upwards to the structure above. There are much more corners around the Centre that the Site Admin left out due to the low lighting observed for ‘Saving Gaia’ when there are no events held. Probably you could explore more on your own?