Recently released by Tomytec are these dust box/garbage/trash cans commonly found in Japan railway stations. They are colored to resemble stainless steel or plain steel types. The Site Admin obtained both but decided to open the stainless steel unit for a first look.


Here is a demonstration of how the trash cans can be used by your figurines. Just like faregates released by the same manufacturer earlier, they suit anything 1/12, as well as most figma figurines.


A closer look at the bin. Stickers are up to your creativity; there are common ones for categorization as well as whacky ones for entertainment.


Circular ones for cans, bottles and ‘checking-clear’ your gun.


Pull cock and check clear, point gun into bin, squeeze trigger, set to ‘Safe’.

Each of the boxes come with ‘trash’, printed material resembling magazines, strips of paper and aluminum cans. They can be removed to be held by your figurine, another plus point.

Stainless Steel Type and Steel Type on Hobby Search. As of now, the stainless steel unit is sold out.