From the Site Admin…

Upon hitting Operationally-Ready Date (ORD) in September 2012, i have to decide what i am going to do next in life. i could take up a university course locally or abroad, i could join the workforce, or i could hole up at home and become a NEET/ニート, which is actually not degratory but a rather practical term to describe many individuals of my generation.

Spending most of September and October looking for a job, i was hit with a realization; it isn’t easy to find a job if i were to be picky. Meeting up with industrial people wouldn’t help much either; if the corporation isn’t hiring, they aren’t going to keep an extra personnel to take bites off its cakes coming out of the oven! Through November and December, i took up temporary jobs that my army mates introduced. Being temporary, the per-day compensation is good, but short-bursts of work (in terms of 7 to 14 days) ain’t good on health. i got an experience of how running ‘split-shift’ is like, a typical schedule for transportation workers.

Little did i expect that i would join the industry that i set out to seek for a few months before. Come the turn of the new year, i was offered a position which i only dreamed of before. Initially a surprise, quickly i found the attraction to it and settled down. Looking back, it has been two months since…

Joining the industry also means taking a sideline from hobbies, and also from posting in this site. As Site Admin, i dedicate myself to continue maintaining this site as long as it is economically feasible to do so. The URL, hosting are all peanuts, hence the support will carry on. What has changed is the ability to comment.

As an employee, you are barred from disclosure of company’s dealings. You cannot post about your daily work in plain daylight. Its advisable you don’t discuss about work at all. In short, no employee is a Public Relations personnel, unless he/she is hired for such a role. Hence i, the Site Admin, upon signing the acknowledgement with the company, has also agreed not to post any company-related issues on this site from that date onwards. This comes into force on the date which this post is dated.

To reduce possibilities of conflict-of-interest, i would also enlarge this spectrum to include all local transport comments (local meaning within Singapore). i would still post about foreign transport issues and examples, but in no way they are to be seen as comparisons with local examples.

Updates will definitely come slower from now on, as my dedication can only be on the job most of the time.