There are quite a number of photos so I am splitting this post into two..

Culture Japan Night was known as CGM (Consumer Generated Media, otherwise known as User Generated Content) Night in 2009 and 2010, hosted by British-born Japanese Danny Choo, who runs Mirai Inc, a company that does CGM SEO solutions and platforms for Japanese companies. This year there are two changes; shift to a more upbeat location, namely AKB48 Cafe in *scape, and also a change to the name, bringing a little different idea to the gathering.

The Site Admin is attending this event for the first time and is glad to meet many folks of the similar interest from Singapore and the region.

Part One will be about ☆before the event☆..

The AKB48 Cafe at *scape. The Site Admin always think there is something wrong with the tagline, yes, about being ‘sophisticated’. A sophisticated show in Japan to him would be railway signals being pushed to the limits or trains ‘tailgating’ each other.. Even a railwayman dancing his hands over a signal control board would be sophisticated.

Menu and lots of flyers.

Closed for the private event.

After entering..

A board with all those messages from idols to fans for them to appreciate every time they step into the cafe.

Mandarin? Yes, the only Chinese member in SDN48 (and AKB48), チェン・チュー/Chen Qu. Don’t blame Singapore for importing other (specifically Chinese)  nationals, other countries does the same (perhaps with more positive results too!).

On the right, a message from Ito Mana/伊藤愛, member of SDN48, this time in English..

The interior of the cafe.. A little dark, pardon the exposure and this is actually for you to find out more about the cafe yourself instead of relying on my pictures, what an evil plan!

Then again I have a liking for Kirin’s Fire.. Wonder what effect would Asahi’s Wonda have? Perhaps I would be wide awake looking at AKB48, yeah.

Team A, AKB48

Team K, AKB48

Team B, AKB48 (Taken on separate visit, 15th January 2012)

Here is Team 4, AKB48

Here are the trainee groups..

Somehow I like this uniform version more..

So I was told by someone in the cafe to choose one girl from the myriad of selections and post her photo on this post for her to see.. I have no prior notification nor knowledge, so I just went on my intuition and chose her.. Ami Maeda/前田亜美, 16 year-old this year and member of Team A. Her blood type is the same as mine, no wonder the intuition..

Now I have to be really viral.. By doing something no one has done in this cafe before, that is to do my homework on railway systems.. A first!

After some work, my ‘girlfriend’ said she is rather thirsty, so here is the refreshment menu.. I know a particular friend who loves Calpis (moreover it must be from Japan, not the Thailand version), so I ordered something-Calpis to see if its really from Japan..

And here it is, purportedly with Calpis from Japan.. I need the taste buds of that friend to verify.

Alright so here it is, Part One of CJ Night 2011.. More to come when I have the time to process the photos, until then~!